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Enrollment, lending

Conditions and related rules of using the services of the library
1. Enrollment
The main condition of visiting and using the library’s services is to registrate user data. Lending books is possible only for enrolled users.
The prerequisite of enrollment is that the person who wishes to use the library’s services has to confirm his/her identity by an official document (ID Card, passport or Student Card under 14) or if this person doesn’t have income he/she would have to give data of a guarantor.
The following data are needed:
Name (maiden name if it’s changed)
Place and date of birth
Mother’s name
Address: city/village, street, number, floor, door no. ( in case of having a temporary address, mark mailing address)
ID Card’s or passport’s number
Our library asks for the following data but giving them is not compulsary:
Job, workplace. In case of self-employment: headquarter, site
People without incomes (for example students) name the educational institute as workplace
If someone is a housewife (etc.), the situation needs to be written down at the ’workplace’ line
The reader has to pay fee, for which the service can be used for one year.
2. Enrollment data
The library keeps the enrollment data in its integrated computer system. The data that have to be added can be found at the 1th paragraph. The only thing we add to the given data is a barcode. The library will use the data for keeping in touch with the reader or in case of delay they will use them to start the implementation procedure.
Master page, readers notice
The data need to be written down on the master page of the reader. It also contains a statement in which the reader accepts the terms and conditions of the library rules and the document usage rules. The reader has to notify the library about data changes and accepts the way of the library’s record handling
Readers with income take financial responsibility for borrowed documents. The gurantor has to assume this obligation for those who have no income.
Library card
The library card contains the enrolled or registrated reader’s name and barcode. It also contains the date of the latest enrollment (it’s signed by a librarian) and every time a reader lend a document, it’s type (book, magazine, audio casette, CD etc.), expiration date and the number of pieces are written down inside. Every reader has to show their library card off when they visit the library or use any of the services.
The library regularly checks the library card’s expiration day.
Lost library card can be replaced after replacement fee is paid.
Library card can be used only by it’s owner. Other people can use the card only if it’s about bringing back a document.
Guarantor declaration
The statement has to contain the name, data and prime number of the guarantor, it must be signed by him/her.
Membership can be terminated if the reader doesn’t owe the library. In case of termination the reader will be deleted from the register.
Visitors can use only limited services after giving data (see 1th point) and being fixed in the library system. Visitors don’t have to pay fee.
Free services for either enrolled users or visitors:
-        visiting library
-        using given parts of the collection
-        using computer catalog
-        information about the library and its services
-        information about the institute’s events
Unregistrated visitors can visit the historical building for 100 HUF.
3. Lending rules
One reader can borrow not more than 6 books at a time.
Lending limit:
Books: 3 weeks, the date is written down in the library card. The expiration date can be extended once for other 3 weeks. (by phone or internet as well)
Learning support literature: one week, no extention.
Every person who is older than 14 year-old can be a member of the AV-Club. The membership (for extra fee) makes lending CDs, DVDs, VHSs possible.
AV-Club membership can be got after having library membership. Maximum 3 pieces of AV documents can be borrowed at a time for one week, it can be extended once.
Readers under the age of 14 can borrow AV documents without being registrated but
only from the Children’s section’s films.
Lending audio books: maximum 5 pieces for three weeks, can be extended once.
Every borrowed document can be extended only if they are not subscribed for someone else.
Interlibrary lending:
Borrowing documentums from a member of the ODR (National Documentum Delivery System) means interlibrary lending. In this case documents or copies of a document which can’t be found in our library can be borrowed from other libraries if it’s needed. The service may be asked at the reception of the Adult section (former Synagogue) or by e-mail: konyvkozi.aevk@freemail.hu or konyvkozi@bajaikonyvtar.hu



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