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’Treasures of Baja Library’, the first volume of our series ’Our values and interesting things” is published.


The ’Treasures of Baja Library’ was publuished by Endre Ady City Library and Community Center. The book introduces the values of the Library on 74 pages with 18 colorful pictures. This kind of publication has never been published before about this subject. Several writings can be found about the Synagogue itself. The book is about the new searching results of recent years and the synagogue’s history. The judaism’s history of Baja can be found in the book as well, but only those aspects which were in connection with the synagogue and the nearby former school, since these define the ’genius loci’. Our second treasure is our Legacy: the collections of former Baja libraries before 1945, which define the old books stock. The book presents three types of old libraries: a church library  (Baja franciscans), a baronial library (Hadik-Barkóczy and Zichy) and a reading club library (Civil Reader Society of Baja). The most interesting part of the book is the introduction of our old books. Incunabulums were often shown in different TV programs, but the antiquas and hungaricums could have been seen by a few visitors only. The secret of creating books can be learn as well. At the end of the book there’s a glossary which helps orientation.

The volume can be bought at the reception of the Adult Section for 500 HUF. (9. Munkácsy Street)



Second volume: Drawing on treasures of the past
A selection of Ferenc Bárdos’s presentations from Local History Club