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Public education

Dear Visitor!

Welcome on the new hompage of our institute. We’ve been present in Baja’s cultural as Endre Ady City Library and Community Center since 1 March 2008.
Our main locations for public education are the library and other places of the city.
Our groups operate in the Library, in the Downtown Community House and we’re present in several institutes of the ciy and the region. We organize programs for every age groups and offer opportunity for self realization in clubs, on science projects and courses. We trully beleive that public education works through a civilized way of life. Through active participation and learning, people are able to renew themselves and on this way they can follow the world’s and their immediate environment’s needs.
When we organize our events we pay serious attention to general and national culture.
Since our city’s ethnic composition is colourful it’s obvious that traditionalism and groups, projects, trainings which introduce local values are hardly supported.
Baja’s location, Gemenc and the closeness of Danube and Sugovica obligate us to pay great attention to nature and environment.
Maintaining physical and mental health we’re continously present by our mental hygiene and health care programmes and we never forget about people with disabilities.

We trully hope that our offers can help children and adults as well to organize and spend their spare time meaningful.