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Dear visitors,

Welcome on the homepage of the Ady Endre City Library and Community Center.
We are expecting your comments and suggestions about our homepage to
The Library’s last 25 years in pictures (pps, 25 MB): download
About our mission:

The Ady Endre City Library and Community Center’s library section is Baja’s biggest public library, it has a general comprehensive collection. Our main task is to provide the best possible conditions for our users through our collections and services
• to deal with public affairs
• to acquire public knowledge
• for continous self-educate
• for life time learning
• to get acquintated with the value of hungarian and general culture
• to increase equal opportunity for disadvataged people
• for events and civil organizations which help to spend leisure time useful
• to research and introduce the history, the cultural and etnographic traditions, the natural
  values and last but not least the economic and social processes of the City
To achieve our goals we consider and aspire to accomplish the following tasks:
• to have the library’s substance grown and unfolded continously and purposeful;
• to have the library’s informative-information services developed by up-to-date electronical  
  devices and sources;
• to provide public internet acces for the library’s visitors and readers;
• we consider value-added services as an important role;
• we provide library services for disadvantaged people in the area;
• we ensure to reach other library’s substance, we mediate their services to our local users
  ( through interlibrary service, catalogs available on the Internet, data bases, CD- 
  ROM data bases);
• during our work we pay attention to our users’ suggestions, we examine reader-visitor
• we amend and broaden the services of the library according to claims and possibilities;
• we coordinate our activities and services with other educational-cultural institutes, school
   libraries, civil organisations;
• we help habitants’ self-educate by organizing informative and other events where people can
  spend their leisure time useful